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    03/11/2016 – lrichards

    Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $250K in Woodstock, IL.

    My fiancé and I had the please of working with Tyler and his team; more specifically with Kathy Repholz. They were both so lovely to work with! I couldn’t believe how quickly they sold my fiancé’s house, and let me tell you, not the easiest house to sell. Him selling his house that quickly meant   that we were able to buy the house of our dreams that’s a little but closer to family. My fiancé, being a bit of an outdoorsmen, was smitten with the idea of owning 11 acres and the house itself is everything we could have ever dreamed of. Kathy and Tyler made our dreams come true with ease. My fiancé and I both have unusual schedules, but Tyler and Kathy were both so accommodating and made sure we got to see the house when we could! We can’t thank them enough.

    P.S. We will be getting married in our yard this coming June and that never would have been possible with out Kathy and the Lewke Partners Team 🙂


    02/20/2016 – nickkalasa

    Bought a Townhouse home in 2016 for approximately $150K in Crystal Lake, IL.

    I had Sean Steinberg  as my realtor and he was awesome. Help me out a ton make the to meet me around my work schedule and all. Definitely new what he was doing was able to answer all my questions


    02/11/2016 – dbrader499

    Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $175K in Crystal Lake, IL.

    This brokerage does things differently and for the most part it works really well!  Amazed at the responsive staff and the “can do” attitude!  Would definitely recommend Lewke Partners to friends and neighbors.

    12/10/2015 – DianeBaia

    Found a tenant for a Townhouse home in Crystal Lake, IL.

    Primary point of contact: Kathy Repholz and Kim Eiks

    Kathy Repholz and Kim Eiks are a pleasure to work with!  This marks the fifth time that Lewke Partners has handled my real estate needs, including two homes sales, one home purchase, and two rental listings.

    12/01/2015 – rodgers55

    Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $175K in Crystal Lake, IL.

    We have rented our investment property for several years as we waited for the market to come back.  We had our property listed with Lewke Partners as a rental.  The exposure was awesome so many showings!  We didn’t have great luck with the quality of applicants, typical low credit scores and   difficult situations.  Tyler suggested that we put the townhome on the market for sale as well as for rent.  After just two weeks listed as a for sale property we received two great offers.  One offer was skillfully negotiated by Tyler and his team finished transacting the closing in less than a month. Awesome performance.

     11/17/2015 – bernu1

    Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $825K in Barrington, IL

    I bought a home in Illinois while living in California.  It is difficult to manipulate all the transactions over great distances. However, I was able to accomplish this goal in an effective and efficient manner and successfully purchase the property of choice. This was done with a great deal of   patience, support and follow through by Lewke Realty group.  The support of the “Purchasing Agent, and her broker made the “dealhappen.”

    Overall, I had a positive experience in purchasing this home in Barrington Hills, Illinois. Negotiations are not always easy.  This is especially true where price, property and loan rates come into play.  Lewke Realty offers that expertise to help one though this maze and represent my interest in an effective, efficient and professional manner.  The goal of the negotiators were to get the two parties to reach a reasonable common ground that best suits both groups.  I believe both parties involved came out winners in a tough market.

    I plan to purchase another property in the future and utilize the Lewke staff .  The management and staff expertise will be vital for me to review the potential of the next property in the current economic environment.


    Chalres Jackson

    Response from Tyler Lewke on 11/23/2015

    Charles, Thank you for your kind words. Let us know whenever you are ready for your next purchase!


    10/27/2015 – natalie645

    Sold a Single Family home in 2015 in Crystal Lake, IL.

    Tyler Lewke and “Lewke Partners” are exceptional! Tyler’s extensive knowledge and experience made us confident and assured that the sale of our home was being handled in the utmost professional and competent manner. Tyler has an idea and answer to every possible scenario. Real estate can be a   confusing and overwhelming process, and we were so glad that Tyler was there for us every step of the way. We’d recommend Tyler to anyone buying or selling their home.


    10/27/2015 – jonhansen01

    Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $200K in Richmond, IL.

    We had a good experience with Tyler Lewke’s sales team. They were creative, knowledgable, responsive, diligent and friendly. They helped us to adjust our selling strategy a couple months into the process so we could sell sooner to meet our moving goal. After the adjustment we had showings at least  four times a week for a month–with ultimate success in making the sale. We would be happy to recommend Tyler and his team to prospective home sellers–or buyers.


    04/11/2013 – user15437826

    Showed home in 2012 in Lakewood, Village of Lakewood, IL 60014.

    The volume of listings in town, positive online reviews, and a good up front pitch from Tyler and his “cooperative” concept of real estate pros sold me on using him to hunt for a property for my family.

    Response from Tyler Lewke on 05/06/2013

    Short sales in this market create hard feelings on many fronts and even with the best intentions people often feel unsatisfied. It’s a really hard thing for us to balance and we do our best to navigate the emotions and the sometimes unbelievable process with respect for all involved. The details here we are unfamiliar with, however have contacted this poster directly to attempt to seek and understand what really happened. We don’t have “preferred” clients per se and certainly as it relates to short sales we don’t ever hold out one hoping for another. They are so hard to get approved, to us the entire focus is on bank approval and we wouldn’t jeopardize that process to get a different contract in place. Sometimes much more is happening that everyone is aware of with these properties and it can look and feel different than it really is! We’re so sorry for this posters experience and wish them the best!


    01/25/2013 – user7019741

    Sold a Single Family home in 2012 in Crystal Lake, IL.

    We sold a home and bought a home with Tyler and he was amazing. Tyler embodies the phrase “he gets it”. Tyler can size up an opportunity for any property, buying or selling to get it done. Creative, fun and very smart, he’s getting our next listing.