Long distance relationship!

    I bought a home in Illinois while living in California. It is difficult to manipulate all the transactions over great distances. However, I was able to accomplish this goal in an effective and efficient manner and successfully purchase the property of choice. This was done with a great deal of patience, support and follow through by Lewke Realty group. The support of the “Purchasing Agent, and her broker made the “dealhappen.”

    Overall, I had a positive experience in purchasing this home in Barrington Hills, Illinois. Negotiations are not always easy. This is especially true where price, property and loan rates come into play. Lewke Realty offers that expertise to help one though this maze and represent my interest in an effective, efficient and professional manner. The goal of the negotiators were to get the two parties to reach a reasonable common ground that best suits both groups. I believe both parties involved came out winners in a tough market.

    I plan to purchase another property in the future and utilize the Lewke staff . The management and staff expertise will be vital for me to review the potential of the next property in the current economic environment.


    Chalres Jackson